Precious Peace


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01. Never Alone
02. Quiet Strength
03. The Promise
04. Truth
05. Freedom Awaits
06. Trust
07. Metamorphosis
08. Reflection
09. Overflowing Heart
10. Contemplation
11. Solace
12. Grace
13. Determination
14. Eternal Peace


Precious Peace -An instrumental oasis of relaxing solo piano music.

Some of my greatest moments of peace and joy unfold when I am playing my piano. God has truly blessed me with a gift of music that pours out from the depths of my soul bypassing the reasoning of my mind and flows out through the tips of my fingers, filling the room with an aura of “Precious Peace”.

Many times the music that pours out is for that moment in time and is never quite replicated the same way twice. I wanted to capture these moments of “Precious Peace” in a recording to share with you. I pray that you experience that same peace as you listen to these spiritually-inspired, spontaneous performances. Enjoy!