My Testimony


“The key to a good performance is not just what you play but how you play it.”
Cheryl Dickson Neal

I grew up in a Christian home and attended a Christian school. I had a child-like faith and I made a decision early in life to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. I believe that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life just as he claimed to be. (John 14:6) I attended church every Sunday and lived a life that many would describe as “pure”. Though I would never deny my faith in God, I often found myself weighed down with life and really struggled with loneliness, fear, anxiety and depression. As some may suffer from a medical condition, I knew my struggle was a spiritual battle. I know that because when I would spend time praying and worshiping God at my piano, peace would fill the room and that heaviness would break. I have learned that spending time in God’s presence was key to finding strength to beat this battle. My spiritual walk has been a journey of learning to forgive and let go so that bitterness doesn’t have a chance to grow and develop a ‘cancer’ in my heart. I’ve learned and am still learning to daily trust that God has my back and that I don’t need to be afraid of the unknown. God is working out all things for my good (Rom 8:28). He loves me. (John 3:16) I am not alone because he promised to never leave or forsake me. (1 Chron 28:20) I’m learning not to rely on just my feelings. As an artist, I can be a very emotional person and it is easy to want to go by what I feel but I’ve learned that my feelings can be a rollercoaster so I choose to stand on God’s truth. Now when those heavy feelings and thoughts of worry try to creep in my mind, I find a promise and a truth in the scriptures to read, write down and even sing about. Many of the songs that I write are based on scriptures and I sing them especially during these times of struggle. I love sharing them with others who are struggling with the same things. I am an over-comer because of what Jesus did on cross. His grace is what makes it possible for me to come to him with the daily burdens that life can bring our way. (Heb 4:16) I am more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ my Lord. (Rom 8:37) That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

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